We have all felt something like this. If you're already tired of the classic sexual positions than any mortal you can do, as the puppy, the missionary, the 69th mounted cowboy, we present the wildest and advanced positions that will make you feel more sexual satisfaction. You've probably never tried and you have not even seen but surely these positions will increase your experience. Remember, in some must use all the muscles, if you are not comfortable with this and feel that will not last more, pelase hould stop.
The delight of Aphrodite

Afroditaa Delight
It may seem a simple position, but it is not. It is the best for women to enjoy; the clitoris is massaged, the G spot manages to be achieved and there is a deep penetration. The woman controls the pace and the situation.
Many women manage to improve their enjoyment when they masturbate themselves while penetration occurs. What is possible with this position.

Back show

In this position you will need help of some tools. Most men love to have a good view of your partner. This position is the best because you have the opportunity to have a good view also the angle of penetration makes women enjoy because it is rubbing against her clitoris.

Boot it up

Boot It Up
This position does not need much pushing, the movement should be smooth. Both can be moved and all the sensations can experience the whole body. It feels good and it is quiet.

Olinda and video Castañeda came that stirs social networks.
You know what you have. The Peruvian model Olinda Castaneda knows how to pamper their fans of social networks and create an account in order to upload short videos came 6 seconds.
In his first publication it appears wearing a cute black bikini in front of a mirror as a prelude to a parade.
It seems that the beautiful model now claims to be the star of Vine, because in one hour you have uploaded the video already has over 65 thousand reproductions.

Mulher Melao - Mulher Melau nude - Carnaval 2014


Mulher Melao - Mulher Melau nude - Carnaval 2014