Top 10 Kama Sutra Positions

Top 10 Kama Sutra Positions
What happened to the art of love making? Lately, sex is viewed as a quick way to get off and is often depicted in perverted fashions of lusty romp sessions with sweaty, growling men and women over dramatically screaming. Let it be known that, of course, sometimes couples do need to get aggressive and unleash that animalistic impulse within us, but that’s not to be confused with intimacy. Sex has been a practice since the beginning of time and even thousand of years ago, people got bored with it and created ways to enhance sexual pleasure. Kama Sutra, in particular, dates back many centuries and to this day, provides tips for couples to be innovative in the bedroom to spice things up. So for starters, let’s drop the primal instinctive nature to get off by any means necessary. Let’s get back to the lost art of sensuality, seduction and intimacy. Take some time and have some fun getting to know your lover’s body with these 10 Kama Sutra positions.

1. The Germinated Seed
In this position, the woman lies on her back and bends her knees upward or rests them on her chest, and of course, her feet are in the air. This is an amazing avenue for deep penetration, not to mention the view for the both of you. The man should be on his knees in front of her for direct entry. The advantage of the Germinated Seed is it brings the back of the vagina closer to the front, however, men should take their time before picking up the speed so it’s not painful for his lover.

2. The Lower Union
This position, which is also a deep penetration, is optimal for the feel of vaginal tightening because the woman is taking her thighs to her chest and planting her feet in his chest. It would be best if the man takes his time with this, because if he’s on the brink of a climax, it’s going to come quickly, so try this after the first round and in the heat of the session versus towards then end. Men should want this to be a pleasurable experience, not a quick fix. Take your time and get to know your lady’s body and enjoy her sweet juiciness.

3. The Turning Man
The positioning of the woman’s leg in this one is important because it opens the vagina to an array of sensations. While she’s on her stomach she has to curl her leg upward and lean into her elbows. This will allow the man to lean to the right or left or plunge down and forward for some g-spot action. Ladies, be sure to switch legs, although is may seem like it would make no difference, remember the vagina is asymmetric and stimulation on either side varies. *Note: Ladies, get over the habitual face-to face interaction, your man loves to watch how your body moves and responds to his. Rest assure that the hip grip is sexy to him.*

4. The Rest of The Warrior
After extended amounts of time performing physically, rigorous sexual positions, The Rest of the Warrior is good for revamping and tender intimacy. The woman lies on her back with her knees up and feet flat on the bed. Her lover’s leg will pass under her knees so he is alongside her. Also, being that the vagina is in an unusual position, he’ll likely hit places that will send chills through her spine.This position allows face-to face interaction and frees up his and her hands for some clitoral and nipple play. Ladies don’t forget the dirty talk, tell him how much you love everything he’s doing. The same goes for the men, tell her why you love giving it to her and how good it feels to you.

5. The Touching Embrace
This is by far one of the greatest positions to stimulate her G-Spot, and also makes room for good intimate touch. The man holds his lady in between his torso and thighs, giving direct contact to her G-spot. The movement is, however, a little tricky. The woman won’t have a whole lot of freedom to move her hips, neither will her lover. The purpose of this position in particular is not so much for deep thrusting but more for rocking. This takes a rhythmic connection and a desire for both to get to know each others body. If performed properly, the man will feel his lover’s inner walls heat up, swell and ultimately explode, and in some cases climax together. Again, in this position, free hands equals double pleasurable arousal. *Note: Ladies, if you feel like your G-spot could use a little extra pressure, for heightened arousal, tuck a pillow under your waist for that magical sensation.*

6. The Union of the Shy Woman
Shy is by far the woman who can master this feat. If a woman successfully pulls this off, she has mastered the art of tease seduction, and will also create the avenue for the most anticipated entry that will shoot chills to the ends of both your spines. This position is foreplay at its best giving penile, vulvar, clitoral, nipple and breast stimulation. Let the erogenous zones get to know each other with some grinding. Use this time to whisper to each other lip to lip, and ladies use this time for a little oral action for your man. This way you can get him at his his largest from beginning to end. When you finally work your way to penetration, ladies keep your thighs together for vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

7. The Morning Star
This is every woman’s chance to show her man her riding skills and take his arousal to new heights. Because the man is in a chair, his hands are free and can use them for clitoral and nipple play. In this position, the woman does most of the physical work, which allows the man to match his digital rhythm to hers. *Note: Fellas, the downstroke is the most pleasurable for your woman when she’s on top, so play with pressure on the clitoris and nipples to gauge if rigorous or light caress heightens her sensation.

8. The Union of the Elephant
This position is like trickery to a woman’s inner arousal. Once she feels like she’s found the spot that drives her wild with euphoria, she’ll find another with the slightest of movements. This is yet another position in which a man’s hands are free and he should use them wisely. Oftentimes, men get caught up in watching a woman move on and off of his body. While he enjoys the show, he should also engage in making every moment a pleasurable experience of dual interaction. Also, men should remember that it’s his duty to help set the rocking rhythm to keep the connection constant.

9 . The Leaning Position
This is the ultimate transition from the 69 position. If in the heat of the moment while in the 69 position, instead of maneuvering into the overused face-to face position, try something different. As the sensation is strangely erotic during oral engagement, imagine the potential explosion with opposite-end entry! The man’s view of his lady’s hips thrusting is, in itself, climactical but the movement of this position requires you two to push and pull gravity simultaneously. This is not an easy task and should be respected for the courage it takes. So if your an amateur, don’t be too proud to let it be known, and let your partner guide you. Or, it could be a learning experience for the both of you. Try something new together.

10. The Position of the Tongs
This is the position of admiration. Place a few pillows under the woman’s waist to stay level and prolong the sensual arousal. This position will also allow the both of you to take the lead. With the man on his knees, he can take control of her waist and set and maintain the tempo. The woman keeps her feet flat on the bed, and can take the lead by rocking herself back and forth while her lover’s hands are free to roam her body. This way, the both of you can share the spotlight and watch your partner closely, which is a good way to learn what the both of you prefer while taking in the beauty of each other’s sex. Men you can take this a step further, play with your rhythm and tease her with a deep stroke every so often to keep her anticipating your movements.


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